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Web Hosting Services

The pkiwi team can arrange full-service, top quality web hosting for your website from as little as NZ$1 a week (+GST, if applicable). That gets you 10 megabytes of web-space and up to 5 POP3 virtual email addresses. It also comes with a traffic allowance of up to 1 Gigabyte per month and high-speed Internet backbone connectivity.

Plus you will enjoy 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) access to some of the most comprehensive site visit analysis and website administration tools on the planet!

For those needing more space, and greater traffic allowances, 100Mb and 400Mb plans are available from just NZ$149.95 and NZ$249.95 per annum respectively.


Domain Name Registrations

Need a Domain Name for your company, club or organisation? You'll be surprised at just how affordable Domain Names are these days!

SSL Certificates

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificates are available to secure your eCommerce site or corporate data from $NZ99 (+GST if applicable) per annum

eCommerce & Payments Gateways

Put your business, shop or hobby online and make money! We'll show you the most cost-effective ways to do so and save you countless hours of research time by giving you all the facts you need to make a great business decision - sooner rather than later.