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Experience that counts!

Talk to any team member at Solutions Geek and you will quickly appreciate the fact that their advice is based on years of specialist, hands-on business experience and learning.

We take time to get to know you, your products and services, your intended market audience,  and your unique business requirements. Then we make sure that any proposals we make are congruent with your corporate culture, "Best Practice" and realistic market expectations.

About the team...

Believe it or not, we're quite proud to call ourselves "Geeks", having "been around" and involved in the world of computers since their first introduction to mainstream businesses in the 70's and '80's.

For example, Sylvie started off as a Customer Service Officer with Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) back in the early Seventies and went on to the then newly-established DataBank , before advancing to supervisory & keyboard training duties there. Subsequently, she went on to become a Branch Manager for a major multi-national banking corporation and has performed numerous other managerial roles for both private and public enterprises since. (Continued next column...)


About the team (Continued...)

In Peter's case, he fondly remembers the massive Burroughs mainframe computer used by the Gas & Fuel Corporation in Victoria, then the largest of its kind in the Southern hemisphere. It didn't have the computing power, memory or storage capacity of his current laptop, but it did have an impressive army of white-coated attendants and occupied almost an entire floor of the building!

But he doesn't really miss Edlin, Pascal, GW-Basic, WordStar, SuperCalc, and all the other predecessors to today's powerful & empowering desktop office applications that he used in his Training & Development career and the various management consultancy practices he headed up over the past two decades.

In 1994 he helped establish Speednet, one of Australia's first commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and has been evangelising the benefits of the Internet and eCommerce to business, education, government, science and human knowledge, ever since.

Peter has been designing websites & database applications and providing web-hosting and eCommerce solutions as part of his IT Consultancy & Training services since 1995.